Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not enough memory space.

Hey Miss T,

Do you ever find that you don’t have enough memory space? This could be in a variety of areas in your life. For example:

-Memory card on your camera
-Hard drive of your computer
-In your brain?

Well, I was having a hard time with my camera the other day because supposedly I had no memory space left. The little message flashed “MEMORY CARD FULL. NO MORE MEMORY SPACE” each time I turned my camera on. It’s a 2 gig memory stick. How could I not have space? Would 700 mission photos, 10 video clips, and 50 or so summer photos do the trick? Is that enough to take up 2 gigs? Maybe. Probably. Surely. So I decided to solve this issue by moving pictures onto my computer, and then deleting them from my card. Seems like a simple enough fix.

Not so.

While importing these 700 or so mission photos, the “no more space” message came up once again, but this time for my computer! Yikes bikes. That’s pretty bad news when it happens to the computer I think. I’ve no idea what to do when a computer is full. A computer is supposed to never end, and always fit just what you need, I thought. So I did what any good computer-dummy would do, I called my computer-genius twin Jose. “What do I do when I have no memory space?” I asked him. In patient tones he gave me some profound advice about my computer.

“Your computer has no memory space right now KK. And you trying to add to it, or to ask it to operate, is a really difficult demand. I mean, imagine trying to do something, but not being able to remember anything as you go.”

That would be hard. In fact, that is really hard. Have you ever tried to do it? Pretty much it’s those moments when you are so stuck in memories of the past and cannot move on, that the very events that are happening around you have no impact; you don’t remember them and they have no meaning. Or somehow you are stymied by these past memories because you can’t fit in new ones or better ones. We’re talking memories as old as those awkward days of middle school and you still remember who didn’t want you in their group for an English group project, or memories as fresh as what the check-out-stand-grocer-girl just said about your sticky, unruly child. It just feels like you can’t move on from that moment; there is no room for anything new. And until you do something about it, there really is no room.

Well I didn’t want my computer to have to deal with that. Computers shouldn’t have to deal with such emotional things. So I began to sort through my computer and found all kinds of silly and interesting things from my first few years of college. Things that made me think "What were we doing?" You know the kind.
Such as silly movies and pictures of my five roommates and me dancing around in our pajamas to Enrique Iglesias. I may or may not have giggled until I cried. I also found movies, pictures, reports, and essays that were a complete waste of anyone’s time, even considering the embarrassment value they held. I moved things to the “trash” on my MAC, and then I emptied the trash! Space became available to add pictures and memories that were actually worth keeping.

Ironically I was talking to my other brother, and he made a comment about how to not take offense to so many things (because sometimes I do that). He gave me the in-one-ear-and-out-the-other policy. In essence he was telling me to not let things of little or no value take up the memory space in my brain. What it does to me, is it makes me unable to function until space is created for things that are worth keeping.

Currently my computer is no longer bogged down with pointless memories and garbage (are you?). She has her other issues however because water is fatally bad for electronics, in case you haven’t yet heard. I’m happy to say however, that at least there is space for what matters most, and she can remember things as she goes. Sometimes a good clean out is just what we need.

Thanks for giving me lot's of good memories this summer.


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