Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Role Reversal

Usually as the older sister, I boss around KK, or experiment on her, or even worse manipulate her. One of the long standing traditions in our relationship has been me dying KK's hair. I fake confidence that I totally know how to dye hair, and then convince KK to let me dye hers. It never turns out terrible, but there have been some scary moments.
Last night we had a role reversal. I let KK dye my hair! It was scary. We read and re-read directions over and over again. I told her to act like she knew what she was doing and just do it. It felt very weird to be the one wearing the dye.
What would motivate this role reversal? MY WHITE HAIRS!!! I was hoping to make it to the age of 30 years before I dyed my hair, but I can not take it anymore. I know my father looks handsome with a head full of white and silver hairs, but that gene on me does not look so classy. So I have succumbed and have started dying my hair.

Thankfully, KK did a great job. Now I can rest for a few weeks without having to pluck my white hairs every morning.

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