Friday, January 20, 2012

Again with the keys. Thank goodness for AAA

Dear Miss T,

I created a fiasco last night. Yes, it was again with the keys.

After 6 hours at work, I was leaving excitedly to head over to the basketball game with Mr. P. As I walk out to the parking lot and say goodbye to some other teachers I jokingly said, "Oh, I guess I better find my keys now, and my car!" (Frequently I totally forget where I park when I go to work). Little did I know, I would find my car long before I would find my keys, even though they were in the same place!

I got to Monica (my car) and was still digging around in my bag for keys. No luck. So reluctantly I head back inside to retrace my steps. Meanwhile I call Mr. P and find out our plans had changed. We were now going to wrap up in Provo and head up to the Utah Jazz game instead (thank you father-in-law for getting the tickets, and in that regard, thank you his work place, family history department).

With the change in plans, my urgency heightened. I tried to get back in the gates of the MTC, but what do you know? My ID card swipe has stopped working. So I get stopped by the security guard, am commanded to go in and get it fixed, and can't find anyone helpful inside because it's after 6pm and everyone is gone from work, as they should be.

I retrace jillions of steps, but to no avail. I called Mr. P back and he wisely said, "Have you looked in your bag really well? Or in Monica yet? Chances are you would have heard your keys if they fell out of your bag. I'm going to guess they are in one of those two places. So I go back out ot Monica (hesitantly because not I won't be able to get back in to the MTC if I don't find them, as my card swipe clearly isn't working). As I'm dumping out my bag again, nearly crying on the phone, and looking like a distressed mess, some more teachers came out and asked if I needed help (as a side note, I've never been offered so much help in my life than I was by other MTC teachers, that's kind of nice). They were the ones who pointed out to me "Are those your keys right there on the seat?" Why yes they are.

We tried a hanger, we tried the Provo Police (a very rude girl made me feel stupid on top of feeling stupid as she told me that Provo Police do not help with that kind of thing and I should call a locksmith), and we tried prayers and straight up physical force. Nothing good was coming of all that.

Fast forward half an hour later, after I walked in the freezing cold and balled my eyes out to Mom in embarrassment, shame, frustration, and anger, we arrive in Lehi hoping to get the spare key (thank you brother-in-law for the ride), only to realize that the keys and the garage opener for the house ARE IN MONICA!!! Can we compound this problem any more? Of course we can.

We leave, both still dressed up from work, me no food at all and moody from my period, to go to the Utah Jazz game in Salt Lake. This is when Jose comes to the rescue with AAA.

He went to my car, called them up, explained the situation, and they came and unlocked the thing. So I say thank you to AAA! And Jose has likely convinced me that I needd AAA in my life at some point in time, because likely this will happen again. As Father-in-law said good-humoredly, "Well, just get used to it because it'll happen 40 more times before you die." Ha! Unfortunately I'm pretty sure he's right!

Thank you AAA, Jose, brother-in-law, father-in-law, Mr. P, and all those who might have contributed to my rescue last night. I am no longer tired, hungry, distressed, cold, and frustrated. That in and of itself makes for a great day!

Keep track of your keys, better than me please!
Love Kk


  1. Big D said "Kallene wrote a Tenley-ish story" We must be related. I have done that so many times and probably will continue too. it's horrible. i know how you feel. i am glad it all worked out.

  2. Glad it worked out. Feel free to store a spare at our apartment too if you want.