Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day in Seattle


After a excessive hype and talk, the much anticipated "Snowmagedon" arrived in Seattle.  Honestly, it was not that big of deal.  The folks at the news were predicting worse, but it turned out that Seattle got about 3 - 4 inches of snow.  It was south of Seattle that really got slammed.  Regardless, the whole city of Seattle shut down and had a snow day.  

For us it was more of a regular day, but we tried make it fun.  After breakfast, I was making a mental list of all the fun "snow day" activities we could do.  As I went to get the boys dressed in 4 layers of clothing, T Bear went to the bathroom.  When I went to see what was taking so long, I found pee all over the walls and floor of the bathroom.  It was horrible.  In case you are wondering, yes, he did it on purpose.   

Instead of playing in the snow first thing, T Bear had a very, very long time out, followed by ample time to make some "good" choices to prove that he was sorry and ready to have a fun day.  Meanwhile, in my anger and frustration, I started looking up books on obstinate children.  I swear that the age 3 is more difficult than any other age so far.

Finally around noon we ambled outside into the beautiful winter wonderland.  As we started walking around, the good ol' Idaho girl in me realized that I needed to shovel the driveway and sidewalks.  I looked around and realized that NONE of my neighbors had shoveled their driveways or sidewalks.  I wondered if Seattlites don't even own snow shovels.  I went into our garage, but came out empty handed.  Apparently we don't own one either.  

A few houses down, our sweet older neighbor was shoveling her driveway.  I dragged my boys down to her house and offered to shovel her sidewalk if she would let us use her snow shovel.  She happily agreed.  T Bear tried to help, while Cub sat in a stroller growing cold.  I finished her house and moved on down to ours.  

We spent different parts of the day out shoveling snow until we had to go inside to warm up.   T Bear wanted me to build him a slide so he could go sledding.  I attempted to build him one, and then realized we didn't own a sled either (what kind of people are we - Californians?).  Thinking quickly, I grabbed a baking sheet and gave it to T Bear to use.  It worked rather well and didn't go too quickly down my pathetic slide. 

The nicest part about have a snow day in Seattle, is that all of my busy working neighbors were home.  We got to say hello and chat with many of them throughout the day.  Our next-door neighbors even stopped by to say they were walking to the grocery store and offered to pick us up anything.  It was so pleasant to feel part of a neighborhood on a wonderful snowy day.  

We filled up the rest of the day with many cups of hot chocolate, macaroni and cheese, Diego shows, soy chocolate milk, pizza, cupcakes, making rain sticks, and reading books.  And despite our rough start of the day, I can honestly say it was a great snow day.  

Now hopefully the snow will leave us alone and bother you in Utah!

Miss T


  1. Tenley! I could HEAR your voice when I read this. I loved it. And I, too, had hot chocolate today and it was heavenly and very warming. In fact, we spent the day trying to stay warm. My husband just went to Lowes to buy a space heater for our bedroom. I'm sure you can imagine why... ;)

    I love how neighbors come together in a time of "crisis" or in our case, extreme weather. Seattle is a lovely place to live -- as long as we have snow shovels and sleds stashed somewhere in the garage!

  2. I love LOVE this post. Seriously so fun to read. Thanks for sharing.