Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Miss T,

Last night Mr. P and I were up late doing homework. By 11:30 I was unable to stay awake any longer. So I said to Mr. P "I'm just going to sleep here on the couch. Wake me up to take me up to bed with you, ok?" He of course, kindly agreed.

About an hour later Mr. P tapped me gently, and asked "Should I get your medicine for you?"

A very sleepy me replied, "Yes please."

Mr. P said, "Ok, I'll be right back."

A very sleepy me, with a reportedly happy smile said, "Thank you Mom."

Are you laughing as much as I was when Paul told me this story? Disclaimer: I don't recall this event at all! But when I told this story to Mom I said, "Clearly Mom you are still the symbol of service in my subconscious." Her reply was, "Or I'm still the subconscious reminder of 'take-your-medicine-Kallene!'"

Either way, I'm grateful I have wonderful people to take care of me when I just become oh-so-sleepy. (This is not my Mom. This is Mr. P)

(This is my beautiful Mom!)

Love, now-awake Kk


  1. i bet you have called your roommates "mom" too when you have been asleep. it is amazing that you have no recollection of your sleep induced conversations.

  2. This just brought back HILARIOUS memories of your sleep talking/writing. Especially, PARAARARR!