Monday, January 30, 2012

I {heart} Angry Birds


Now, if you truly know me, you should be shocked by the title of this post: "I {heart} Angry Birds."  Why would I love a trendy ipad/computer game when I don't think very highly of computer and video games in general?  I honestly can find "better" things to waste my time with then playing digital games.  And I do worry about addictions to video games.  In fact I saw a PSA online warning parents about "technology addictions" with their teenagers. Terrifying!

After we got our ipad, I did not want to join the 'millions' by even downloading Angry Birds.  Alas, the free trial version ended up on our device.  Then in complete desperation to keep T Bear entertained during a horrendously long car ride, we let him play Angry Birds.   And like all other Americans, he was hooked.  T Bear later taught Big D how to play.

Since then, T Bear has infrequently played Angry Birds on our ipad, but he is always wanting and willing to play.  If we were lazy parents, T Bear would have a "technology addiction" by the age of 4.

Last week, we were at a friend's house and her little boys had an Angry Birds game - like a physical version of the game.  T Bear talked about how he wanted that game the whole way home.  In fact, he said to me, "Mommy, if I have that game, then when I ask to play Angry Birds on your ipad and you say no, I will say ok because I will have my own game of Angry Birds."  Very logical - right?

This weekend, we told him that if he wanted to use his money that he has been saving for almost a year, he could go buy this game.  Of course he wanted to buy the game.  Saturday morning was like Christmas morning, as he came bounding into our room, shouting with excitement that it was the day he was going to buy Angry Birds.

We found a local game shop that had the game.  T Bear handed over a bag of money (70% of the money was in coins).  Then he tucked the game under his arm and said, "Mommy, I am so proud," as we walked to the car.

At home, we played the game with T Bear for about an hour.  Then something amazing happened, T Bear continued playing the game for another 5 hours!!! He only stopped playing to eat lunch, dinner and use the bathroom.  He played by himself next to us, then up in his room.  He figured out how to build the towers by looking at the pictures on the cards.  He was using so many good skills: eye-hand coordination, spatial relationships, learning about balancing pieces, creating his own towers, learning instructions, and using brain power.  I don't think these same skills happen when you play Angry Birds on the ipad for 6 hours.

Finally, T Bear was mentally satisfied and exhausted.  He had to burn off some major physical energy, so he ran around the house a million times and jumped off the couch 5,000 times.  I am sure he went to bed dreaming about angry birds flying at the mean pigs.  Talk about sweet dreams!

Since Saturday, T Bear has still been in love with his Angry Birds game and has not once asked to play on my ipad.

And that is why.......

I {heart} Angry Birds!

-Miss T

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  1. HAHAAH! I heart angry birds too only as a copy cat. I have not yet played the scared of becoming addicted. :) Tetris will always hold my electronic game heart.