Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas is about Jesus and toys.... right?


We finally put away all of the Christmas decorations last Saturday and now I am finally downloading pictures from Christmas.  So here is my holiday blog to you.

Top 5 favorite holiday moments:

5. We did not spend Christmas with my parents, which was a first for me.  I was missing some of their traditions, such as the Christmas carols being played with chimes.  On Christmas Eve, Big D gave me my present early.  A set of chimes that he had made himself.  BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! 

4. We realized that in our house "full of boys", we don't own a baby doll.  When we did a simple nativity on Christmas Eve with our friends, we needed a baby Jesus.  So we used a sock monkey that was swaddled tightly. I think it sufficed and wasn't too offensive, just humorous.  I think God has a sense of humor.

3. T Bear got to see all of his cousins: 12 cousins on Big D's side and 2 cousins on my side.  That meant we traveled in total about 3500 miles by plane and car over 8 days.  We drove to Portland, OR, Eagle Mountain, UT, Boise, ID and back to Seattle, WA.  Big D flew in between to go back and forth to work.  Was it worth it?  Well when you get to play a great game of dodge ball with your 12 cousins and 7 aunts and uncles, then wear matching pjs with your other 2 cousins - Definitely Worth It!

2. It was great being with you and Mr. P over New Year's.  My highlight was us begging Big D and Mr P to participate on the Wii Just Dance Game.  Big D and Mr P stood up there and only moved the hand that held the Wii remote.  They were as stiff as boards except for their wrists flicking back and forth.  In an effort to inspire them to dance, you and I jump and danced like crazy girls around them.  It didn't work, but it made for some great entertainment.

1.  We went to church on Christmas morning.  It theory I think it is very good and appropriate to go to church on a major Christian holiday such as Christmas, but when you have children under the age of 10 years, it is a terrible idea.  All the kids at church were dying to get home to their toys.  T Bear announced several times loudly what Santa had brought him to his friends several rows away.  Then he took a small toy and handed it to a little girl sitting behind us and said, "I'm trying to be like Jesus."

The mom said something like, "Oh yes, because you are sharing."

T Bear said, "No, I'm being like Jesus so that I can get more toys!"

Tears came to my eyes because I was laughing so hard.  Part of me was embarrassed that my child relates Christ-like behavior with receiving toys, but it was too funny.

So that is what Christmas is about at our house, Jesus and toys.... right?

-Miss T

*Most embarrassing holiday moment..... my brother recorded Big D and I 'full on' making-out after ringing in the New Year at midnight on his laptop.  Then he showed it to everyone.... embarrassing, but at least we have still got the "heat!"

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  1. Ok. That picture of the grandsons in their pj's is a keeper. Forever.

    Also. I am soooo glad you came for new year's, and hooray that we got our husbands to arm dance!

    And...I haven't seen the footage of your embarrassing moment yet, but I'm sure that will be classic forever. You and Big D will watch that movie 50 years from now, and still have the "heat"! Ha!