Monday, July 5, 2010

Auntie KK

(T Bear & KK's first picture together)


I think it is wonderful that you are spending the summer in Seattle. Already I have enjoyed several things with you, such as:

-Your excitement as you hear the Wee Sings songs with T Bear. I have heard them 100 million times and the novelty has definitely worn off for me, but it is fun to see you be refreshed by them

-Live-in Nanny! Thanks for babysitting T Bear while I have gone to Doctor’s appointments, DI, Visiting Teaching, and for a massage appointment.

-Merry Maid. Every time I turn around you have loaded the dishwasher or cleaned up something for me. I can’t thank you enough for vacuuming the apartment buildings for me - I am totally sick of vacuuming. Although I find this behavior helpful, T Bear doesn’t seem to enjoy finding his blanket folded up every hour of the day.

-Your laugh. Big D and I get a kick out of watching TV with you because you think the commercials are HILARIOUS! The truth is that they are really not that funny, but we laugh because your laugh is quite contagious. Welcome back to the world of TV - not all of it is so funny unfortunately.

Oh KK, you are the best! I know T Bear is slowly warming up to you. It is pretty funny that at every meal he stares at you and shouts “No KK pray!!! KK just listen!!!” I don’t know what he has against you praying, but we will work on it.

Here is to a great Seattle Summer!


Miss T

It happened! T Bear asked specifically for KK to "hold him" on the way to his physical therapy appointment. It made KK's day!

*Isn't ironic that I have to take T Bear to physical therapy for toe-walking considering I worked in pediatric physical therapy for two years before he was born?


  1. Her laugh IS contagious! Love and miss it!!

  2. I'M SO EXCITED! AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT! Thank you for entering the wonderful world of blogging. Your T Bear is adorable. And you are beautiful.

  3. i'm feeling a bit jealous of kallene right now . . . i want to spend a summer with you!

    you girls are going to have an incredible summer!

  4. I Want a live-in nanny!!! Especially one named Kallene!! I'm glad you two are having fun! I didn't realize how T probably doesn't remember her!
    I'm SOOO jealous of you two sisters getting so much fun time together!
    Can't wait to see you soon.