Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Gift of Tongues

Konichi wa KK,

Serving a mission in Japan was difficult because you have to attempt to learn Japanese. Although, as missionaries we studied Japanese for 12 weeks in the Missionary Training Center, it was not enough time to truly learn the language.

I remember praying daily and diligently for the “gift of tongues” as it is written in the scriptures. I needed divine help to learn to speak and understand this difficult language. There were many times when something was said to me in Japanese that I did not understand. This panic-like feeling came over me, because I realized it was really important for me to understand what they were saying, but my mind was completely blank. Miraculously there were many times when my mind was enlightened and I figured out was being said. My heart would then quickly offer a prayer of gratitude for the understanding that was above my own knowledge.

Since becoming a mother to a toddler, I have had some of these same mission feelings return. T Bear will say things to me that I do not understand. He looks at me so intently and expects me to understand the important words he is saying. That same panic-like feeling from the mission returns. I plead for understanding and usually it comes. I amazed at some of the things I am able to understand from T Bear because they certainly are not recognizable to anyone else. For instance, the other day I figured out he was saying “excavator” as we drove past a construction sight. What 2 year old says excavator?

I am just amazed because I thought when I was in Japan, praying for the gift of tongues would only happen there. Little did I know that the gift of tongues is not limited to missionaries in foreign countries, but is essential in mothering.

Sayonara imoto chan!

Miss T

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  1. This post takes me back in time... I remember praying fervently for the gift of tongues often! And though I'd never made the connection to motherhood and attempting to understand your child's words, I agree with you that it really is the same thing! Fun post! :)