Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I Should Not Wear White Pants

Yesterday I wore white pants. Now I should have realized that with my clumsy and messy history that this was not a good idea, but I was so thrilled about finally having a sunny day in Seattle, that I disregarded completely the fact that I am a slob and that I spend my days with a 2 year old boy.

This is what my white pants were covered in at the end of the day:

Chocolate smear from my granola bar that I brought into the Free Family movie in the morning. I attempted to use my trusty Tide-to-Go pen, but it was futile. During the movie, T Bear climbed all over me with his dirty water sandals.

Pee from a misfire on the potty (from my 2 yr old, not myself).

Lots of dirt from the zoo. I lifted T Bear up to see hippos, zebras, gorillas, giraffes, snakes, crocodiles and more. T Bear was extremely disappointed we did not see the elephants poop (I definitely did not want that on my pants).

Some kind of greasy stuff from filling up the car with gas.

Smudges from a chocolate muffin I inhaled at a gas station due to a combination of low blood sugar and a pregnancy craving. Then I dripped orange juice while trying to share my drink with T Bear.

Dust from sitting against a wall in a warehouse watching my nephew take a Parkour lesson. T Bear was loudly insisting that he was BIG enough to climb on the climbing wall like the other boys.

Food particles from two separate meals: Pizza for the boys and giyoza (pot-stickers) for the girls.

Bath water being splashed out of the tub at an uncontrollable rate.

Big D came home and commented on my dirty pants. They obviously were not that bad since he was still able to give my bum cheek a good squeeze!

I am tempted to say, “I will never wear white pants again!” But alas, I cannot. They are just so cute sometimes. I am just glad I don’t wear white pants everyday!

Miss T


  1. you are hilarious! i especially love the bum squeeze part ;)

  2. Even without T Bear, white pants were risky for you. now.......they ARE cute!

  3. TinCan- Thanks for the email about this bless-ed blog. You are so funny and I'm glad some things never change.