Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Isn't it better when you are cuter?

Miss T:
Did you know that your workout goes better if you wear cute workout clothes?

It's just one of those things when of course it's not necessary to look cute, in fact it's not practical to put effort into because you are just going to become sweaty and gross, but the non-scientifically-proven benefits of feeling cute while working out are real.

I just got new workout clothes (thanks to my best friend from childhood) that are very cute. Today when I put my hair in a ponytail, the same ponytail that it goes in nearly every day, it looked cuter. When I put on my dirty old tennis shoes, they had a cuter kick to them. All because of my new cute workout clothes. When I went to jog and stretch and crunch and push-up it all went better because I was wearing cute workout clothes.

I had two hot chocolates today and I haven't lost any weight, but by golly I had a great workout in my cute workout clothes.

So if you want to up your workout, then the thing to do is to is make sure you are wearing cute workout clothes, and did I mention having a beautiful place like Seattle to workout in helps as well?

Love a happy and healthy Kk


  1. OH MY HECK!!! So true!! I have awful work out clothes right now... seriously awful. I'm THAT person at the gym that you feel bad for.
    I even went online to shop the other day trying to put an end to it. No luck.. any suggestions???

  2. Kenz - you are too funny. Start with Target for some cute cheap pants!