Thursday, July 22, 2010

C is for Cookie. And C- Creative.

Hey Miss T,

I know your initials have now been TCP for over four years, but I know that we both will always be happy that you retain the "C" in your name, no matter how good your new last name is. After all, it is the C that stands for CREATIVE in the Cutler family mission statement. Because of that mission statement I will admit that I find each of the Cutler siblings to be rather creative. In fact, recently we had some evidence of that Creative C. It also lined right up with our Sesame Street friend's declaration "C is for Cookie!"

Just days ago, the soon-to-be-annual Cutler Cookie bake-off was held for the first time! Under the creative inspiration of the eldest Cutler brother, the terms and conditions of the competition were set:
1. Boys vs. Girls.
2. Cookies must contain chocolate (or perhaps that was a stipulation made by or in consideration of the judges and their particular tastes).
3. The judges are Mom and Dad, neighbor if a tie breaker is needed.
4. Each group must choose their own recipe.
5. Cookies will be made in the same kitchen, using the same tools, and the same oven.

Once these items were agreed upon, the boys got to work first. And work they did. One was at the Bosch, one was at the sink, one was organizing ingredients. They had that kitchen running and ready to pump out some stellar cookies in a surprisingly convenient amount of time. I must not lie, the scale to measure the flour was a bit intimidating, but then I just reminded myself that the boys had a student of the culinary arts in their midst, and that seemed to help me feel better. Their chosen medium of attack was the standard and always truly pleasant, Chocolate Chip cookie. And that's just how it came out: truly pleasant. Crowd's choice if you will. The cookies were perfectly round, arguably a little thick, but completely aesthetically pleasing.

Considering our fantastic kitchen history Miss T, I was less than confidant, wary even, of the events that would follow when it then became the girls turn in the kitchen. Fortunately it was not left up to just you and me.

Then the girls, the Cutler women, the sisters if you will, got in on the action. We whipped our secret weapon, which was by far the best move we could have ever made, and our secret weapon's name is Lady A. Not only does Lady A have sweet kitchen skills, but she also had a recipe for Almond Joy cookies. Who could not love and rave about an Almond Joy cookie? And here is another reason why she was our secret weapon. She did not even know that Mom's favorite candy bars are Mounds and Almond Joy! Remember how Mom is a judge, and that was established before the competition even began? Perfect. And thanks to Lady A, that's pretty much how our Almond Joy cookies turned out: perfect.

The judges took their places at the table and we all sat around, ready to see what the results would be. Dad's place had a cup of Vitamin D milk (thank you T-bear and Cam-man) to cleanse his palate between cookies; Mom's place had 1% milk. They ate and they enjoyed. And then they ate and they enjoyed another cookie! Mom awarded her top choice first: Almond Joy cookie! Then the pressure was on Dad. Would he go for the classic, and even things up a bit? Would we have to pull in the neighbor? Or would he let the almondy-chocolatey-goodness pull him into its magical spell as well? He chewed and swallowed, and smiled. Then he complimented the Chocolate Chip cookie highly, but admitted that the novelty and deliciousness of the Almond Joy cookie won him over this time around.


Then we all looked at the plates of cookies and noticed that the plate of Chocolate Chip cookies was nearly empty, while the Almond Joy cookie plate was still rather full. Ah ha. The Almond Joy cookie won the best individual cookie award, but when it came to wanting a second cookie, or a third or fourth, the classic Chocolate Chip cookie was the People's Choice.

Yum. You want one, right?

Since we're all so Creative, I assume this competition will go down again, and only good things can come of it. If we sisters stand any chance of winning again though, we'd better start the search for a killer cookie recipe now. Any ideas?

Love the ever domestic Aunty Kk

PS: Isn't our secret weapon also good looking?

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  1. Chocolate and Coconut--always a winner! Remember that for next year.....(in case I'm asked to judge again)