Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Confession...


I have a confession to make. Today I ate a whole box of fruit snacks. Is that delicious or disgusting to you?

Why would I do that? Well, having a Dad as a dentist is great, except for the fact of being denied fruit snacks during your childhood. Fruit snacks fall under the category of "sticky sugars" that consequently lead to cavities.

Thus, after having such a difficult childhood without the pleasure of fruit snacks in my life, now as an adult, I lose control and binge on fruit snacks occasionally. I can down a whole box of fruit snacks in just a few minutes. Afterward, I feel satisfied, until Big D finds them empty box and reminds me that I'm growing cavities.

Ah! I just can't help it sometimes. What are your guilty food pleasures?

-Miss T


  1. This is one hundred percent true I believe. If you are a dentist's child reading this, please confirm this fact for us.

  2. Will you let T-Bear eat fruit snacks?

  3. Adam loves fruit snacks too, especially the princess fruit snacks. ;) My guilty food pleasure is ICECREAM! But lately I have been eating 2-3 blood orange popsicles daily. There are so yummy!