Friday, July 23, 2010

First SISTERS Event

It is time for our first SISTERS event on our blog. Amidst our rambling blogs to each other, we hope to celebrate Sisterhood in its many forms. Today the movie, Ramona & Beezus opens in theaters. We have very fond memories reading the Ramona & Beezus books by Beverly Cleary.

KK - "I remember being introduced to the Beverly Cleary section at the Ada County Library.
When I first saw the book called Ramona Age Eight, I also had a short bob haircut, (with mousy brown hair that was relentlessly straight unless Miss T fixed it up for me), was somewhere near the age of eight, and I knew I had found my new best friend. Ramona seemed to think and do things I thought and did, or if I didn't, then I then wanted to think and do those same things. One day, when I was hanging around in my role model's room, yes Miss T that's you, being the pest of a little sister that Ramona was to Beezus, I found a secret stash of books on her water bed shelf! Yes, there was a Ramona book there. I think I hadn't realized until that moment, that my sister also read those amazing books. She went up a notch in my eyes that day, as if she could get any higher, and I would wager it safe to say I borrowed that book and read it within the next two days. That's how classically good the Ramona and Beezus books are."

In honor of such fun stories about two great sisters, we are giving away a set of 4 books from the Ramona series. Can you believe it? How fun would it be to win?Here is how we are doing it. Make a comment on our blog. It can be on any of our blogs thus far, OR share your favorite memory of Ramona and Beezus on this blog. The winner will be randomly chosen--no judging of your comment. If you have previously commented, you are already entered TWICE as a small token of our appreciation for your early support of our brand new blog.

Are you more like Ramona or Beezus?

Have you ever met anyone named Ramona or Beezus?

Are you going to see the movie?

We are planning on seeing the movie, but this weekend we are not in the same state, so you will have to wait until next weekend to read our review of the movie. It will be good!

So jump in! Tell your friends! Tell your daughters! Tell your SISTERS!! There is a giveaway on this blog. What would you do with the books if you won? Read them, give them away as a gift to a new reader, donate them, or take them with you to the movie to look really enthused. Plus, you would just be so proud you won something from a blog giveaway!

We will announce the winner on Friday July 30th!

Have a great SISTERS weekend. And remember "A little sister goes a long way."


  1. I hope someday I may have two sweet little girls like Ramona and Beezus or the two of you and I will give them the books to read!

  2. I don't know how much Beezus and Ramona's father played out in the book series, but watching my two daughters as sisters has been awesome. It has pretty much been non stop craziness and fun! Yes I will be seeing the movie with their mother.

  3. i've never read beezus and ramona (gasp!) but i sure LOVE having sisters! i've missed living close to my sisters for the past 6 years . . . it's made me crazy some days. reading this blog has definitely made me miss them too. BUT! good news! kim is moving here in 2 weeks and I CANNOT WAIT!

    and i know just what you mean about role models, kk . . . i was the baby sister of two AWESOME older sisters :)

  4. I read all these books growing up, and my daughter would LOVE them, too :) !! I can't wait to see the movie with her.

    P.S. This is your visiting teacher :) !!