Sunday, July 4, 2010

Together Again

Well my Sister has arrived! Not only is she home from her mission in Hawaii but she is actually spending the next few months with ME in SEATTLE!

Not all sisters look alike--my sister and I don’t . We’ve never really been in a place together where people didn’t already know we were sisters. So it is fun and a little surprising to hear comments from people who are connecting us for the first time. My favorite so far was the first Sunday she was here.

Kallene got up in front of our ward and bore her testimony.

After Sacrament Meeting, President T, came up to me and asked me if Kallene was really my sister.

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “But she doesn’t look like you at all and she has an accent.”

“I know, the accent is from her mission in Hawaii. I guess she was around a lot of Polynesian people. It is pretty funny though,” I replied.

President T asks, “So she is really your blood sister?”

I smiled and said “Yes, she is, President T.”


  1. It's true, you guys don't look alot alike but you both have the same smile!

  2. Fun guys! I will be excited to see pictures and hear stories! I know you two can both tell a good story!!
    So funny I never realized but you don't look a like :) haha

  3. I love it. I definitely want to hear and see more. And, I love White Christmas too.

  4. I think you two look as much alike as me and Reagan!
    I'm so excited to read all your stories...and I'm sure they will be nothing short of hilarious. Best idea ever.

  5. oh, i love this! i've been dying for you to have a blog, ten. and i agree with everyone else . . . there's nothing like a story out of your mouth's. love you!

    and kallene . . . really? what? you are home already ??!!?? cuh.razy. you are dang cute and i can't wait to hear all about your mission. definitely post some stories and pictures of that!