Monday, July 19, 2010


When we moved to Seattle over 2 years ago, we were lucky enough to become friends with the Bluhms. Dustin and Sally were super friendly and had a cute little baby named Claire. It turned out that Troy and Claire were only 9 days apart in age. We determined that they were destined to be friends. We began swapping babysitting weekly and fostered a special relationship.

Claire & Troy at 6 months old

On July 7th, Claire was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. The night we received the phone call from Sally, my heart broke. I cried most of the night for our dear little Claire. We took Troy the next day to see Claire in the hospital. Although Claire was very sick and attached to machines, Troy was able to make her smile. The nurses thanked us for visiting and asked us to come back. Troy had no idea why his best friend was sick and in the hospital. I just held my healthy boy, kissed his head, and told him Claire will get better.

Although this news has been quite overwhelming for the Bluhms, the miracles have already begun. Claire is now home from the hospital and her leukemia is amazingly in remission. This does not change her 2 1/2 year treatment program and chemo schedule, but it does bring great hope to the Bluhm family. To read more about Claire’s incredible journey visit here regularly.

It is amazing that when something terrible hits close to home, how many people come forward and share similar stories to provide hope and comfort. My dear fried Cindy has a niece who is a survivor of childhood cancer at the age of 5. Cindy makes jewelry (buttons of hope) and sends 100% of the proceeds to American Cancer Society. My new interest is in finding ways to support children with cancer.

These last two weeks have reminded me of how precious life is and how grateful I am for eternal families. We will be continuously praying for Claire and her family. Hopefully Troy will be able to still able to make his best friend smile over this next period of her life.

Claire & Troy enjoying S'mores 5 days before the diagnosis

With Love,

Miss T

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  1. Oh how heartbreaking! I can't even imagine what Claire's family and friends must be going through. What am immense blessing that the treatments seem to be working so well so far. She and her family will be in my prayers. Good job Troy at making her smile-- keep it up!