Thursday, October 7, 2010



Being apartment managers can be very interesting.  The other night a fire engine showed up at our building late at night and 4 firefighters started rushing up our stairwell.  I met them at the top of our stairs and told them I was the manager and asked what the problem was.  They said they were responding to a call from an apartment in our hallway.  I watched them go into the "crazy" lady's unit.

Now I know "crazy" is a harsh judgement, but she really is.  English is not her first language, but this is not why she is difficult to understand and deal with. She is truly paranoid and runs around our building opening windows and other crazy behavior. Having just had a recent encounter with the "crazy" lady, I was feeling very frustrated and irritated by her.

Big D & I were trying to eavesdrop in the hallway, but it just seemed to be taking a long time.  I quickly suggested that it was taking so long because "they can't understand what the crap she is talking about."

Big D looked at me and immediately said, "Don't say that word Tenley, it is not very becoming of you."

I stood there and little stunned and apologized.  Then we went back to trying to figure the the emergency situation.  It ended quietly and the firefighters left quickly.

I have been thinking about what Big D said to me.  What are other things that I do or say that are not very becoming of me?  What kind of woman am I trying to become?   

Thinking before I speak is very difficult for me, but I think doing it would help me speak better about life, myself and other people.  

I am thankful to have a husband who has high expectations for me and wants me to become better.

-Miss T

*In all honestly, I think the thing that would help me become better right now is getting this baby out of me!!!


  1. I remember that would be a difficult situation to be in...but Wow, Go Big D for helping you be more and more becoming every day, because he really does. And you are becoming even with that baby in you! But yes, let's get him out of there so I can play with him.