Thursday, October 21, 2010

A sister loves to be an Aunty

Hi Miss T,
Thank you for making me an Aunty. A sister loves to be an Aunty. Remember when you first made me an Aunty?

As a sister, I get this incredible privilege of being an aunty, Aunty KK as I like to call myself. Wow. What a wonderful thing. I get to be the biggest fan, the cheerleader, the spoiler, and the whatever-else-good-aunties-do for these adorable nephews. Unfortunately I missed nephew #2's birth, but we became friends straightaway when we met.

And nephew #3 just arrived yesterday.

And I am excited for Brother Bear to come join T-bear soooo soon! Thank you for letting me be an Aunty. Truly, a sister loves to be an Aunty, wouldn't you agree?

Love, Aunty Kk

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