Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Flashbacks.

Dear Uncomfortable-Pregnant-Lady-in-Need-of-Distraction,
It's nearing the end of October and that means just a few things:
-Snow in Provo...yes, I can't remember an end of October on the mainland without snow.
-Not much can beat a glass of hot Apple Cider after a brisk walk home from school, red frozen cheeks, fingers, and nose.
-Flaming red leaves on trees and bushes, brilliant yellow leaves floating down through the air, and crunchy brown leaves underfoot.
-Preparation of Halloween costumes. This year our apartment has Carmen San Diego, a professional soccer fan, a lil' kid, and a GOLDEN SNITCH! Pictures to come.

This year my fall flashback has been to when I was in the Missionary Training Center; we wore all black, orange accessories, and one another's name-tags for a costume. Yes, it snowed then too, and yes the leaves were amazing in shades of red, orange and yellow around the Provo temple. I was companions with a sister who is a forever friend, and we may or may not have taken "engagement pictures" in our Halloween missionary outfits. Do you have a favorite fond fall memory? What is it?

I think in years to come you will flashback to this fall, once Brother Bear comes. You will simply remember how perfectly right it felt to have him join your little family. He will love this season, at first because it means his birthday is coming. But later in life, he'll love it for the same reasons we do I bet.

Aunty Kk

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  1. i am loving the fall as well. i can't get enough of the leaves!!!!