Sunday, October 17, 2010

A New Goal: The Water Challenge for Long Life

Hi Miss T,

I'm thinking of you and how precious life is, as you are about to bring a new life into this world very soon. Hooray!

I have just made a new goal myself, hoping to improve my life, and my chance at longevity. In my world religions class we began to learn about Taoism. Among some other pretty awesome beliefs, they have six understandings about how to have a long and good life:
-Eat good food
-Get sound sleep
-Moderate exercise
-Drink enough water
-Have a regular job/work
-Preserve a happy marriage

Wow. Simple but profound advice. So the step I am going to work on to improve the length of my life is the drink enough water. My teacher stood up and in his awesome Korean accent said, "When you get up in the morning, you're going to think I'm crazy when I say this, but drink at least 2 cups of water. It will be so hard at first, but soon you will drink it easily. It is so good for you, is that right?" Then and there I decided to try this out. A little experiment if you will. Drink 2 cups of water in the morning before I head to campus, and see how that changes how I feel. I already know right this minute that it's going to cause me to frequent the little girls' room more than I already do (which you of course know is already often), but I hope it might give me more energy and strength to be less sleepy. What do you think? Do you think that might happen? I'll keep you updated on this New Goal: The Water Challenge for Long Life.

I am pretty sure my teacher, and anyone with a background in Asian culture, would advise you too to drink lot's of water in preparation for this new cute little tyke to come into the world. So feel free to join me in this water challenge. In fact, I would love for all my sisters to do this water challenge, and see how the results compare....

Love your water-drinking sister,

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  1. i think i will try it after the baby comes, i already go to the bathroom too much right now. good luck!