Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Masterpieces

Hey Miss T,
I planned a group date for my roommates. Funny how I could get everyone else a date, but not myself...(ok it's not really that bad, my date just couldn't come until later).

We carved pumpkins, and I gave awards.

The HAND pumpkin: "Truest to Design and Rules" award.

The ARMADiLLO pumpkin: "Michelangelo" Award for artistry and fierceness. Can you believe how realistic it is??

The HP pumpkin, Golden Snitch featured: "I want that on my porch" award. pumpkin, Mike: "Utilitarian/Useful" award. (he became my date/boyfriend)

You just gotta love Halloween, and pumpkins, and fun people.


  1. impressive!!! looks like fun. you could be a professional date-planner or something

  2. please dont give her any ideas tenley. you have to remember who the guinea pigs are.