Monday, October 11, 2010

Here's to a MOMMY Shower!

A sweet friend offered to throw a baby shower.  For many reasons (some worthwhile and some not), I declined any kind of baby shower.  So then she offered a "Girls Night Out" instead.  I immediately accepted that kind of plan to celebrate this pregnancy.

Last week I went out with a couple of sweet friends to B&O Expresso for dessert.  I ordered cheesecake with chocolate sauce and raspberry topping.  It was beyond delicious.  I didn't even want to wait for this picture to be taken, I wanted to be EATING!

Then these nice friends surprised me with gifts for Mommy, not the baby.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but I think it was the best "baby shower" ever!  I loved it.  They treated me to a great night.

Occasionally I miss having roommates around, so it was great to catch up on some much needed girl talk and giggles.   Girls just need to be together sometimes with out BOYS.  Although I love my boys very much, it was nice not to have them hanging all over me for a night.  

Thank you Ladies!

KK- isn't fun that you know so many of this girls now?  

-Miss T

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  1. yes yes yes! I love that I know them! Those faces are familiar and make me happy. I'm so glad they did that for you...filling in the gaps of a faraway sister. :D