Monday, October 4, 2010

You Know You Are Really Pregnant When...

I hate this picture, but it is very fitting for this post.
KK - 

I am now going to the Dr every week.  Each time I visit the Dr's office, I have to leave a urine sample.  Last Thursday, I checked in, and went to the bathroom to do my duty.

I walked out and the sweet girls at the front desk, started asking me how I was doing.  I looked at them and said, "You know you are really pregnant when you forget to pee in the cup!  I just sat there holding the cup in my hand and totally forgot!"

They all laughed.  The nurse told me that I am not the first person to do that.  Do I believe her?

I am feeling extremely forgetful and spacey lately.  Wish me luck at this week's appointment.

-Miss T


  1. oh my gosh! i LOVE seeing that picture. and i know i can't see your whole self but what i can see, you look gooooood! can't believe you are going to have another littler one in just a few weeks. love you, lady!

  2. hahahaaaaa! siiick. but awesome. i'm sure it wasn't too hard to go back in and get some for the cup. when you're pregnant, you always gotta go, right? :D

  3. Oh that's so sad! Your totally squashed bladder only holds so much! It's not like you can just try again. Is it weird that I feel super bad for you!?