Tuesday, October 5, 2010

By Accident..

Hey Miss T.

Are you ready for a hilarious and adorable story? It's about this endearing Hawaiian man (his lovely grand-daughter by the name of Patiole--which means a cup of gold, now how charming is that?-- is sitting next to him).

I asked him tonight, "How did you meet your wife?" His reply was "By accident."

Of course, we all giggled. And then had to know the real story.
"It was really by accident. I met her because of an accident in front of her house," he began. At this point I did a really huge gasp and said, jumping to conclusions, "A CAR accident! Oh no! No way! You met your wife because of a car accident in front of her house. How embarrassing!"

He pressed on, "Yes, there was a car accident in front of her house. And I was the ambulance driver." Whew. Thank goodness. Now that is manageable.

"So I got to the scene of the accident and started helping the people. I looked around and there she was the neighbor (at this point in the story his eyes became huge as he did an impression of himself maybe 50 years ago when he first saw his wife and took in her marvelous beauty), and I looked again and said 'Are you still single?' And she said, 'Yes' and I said, 'Where you live? This is your street?' and she nodded her head, so I said, 'Ok. I'll be back at three o'clock.' Then I was. And that's how I met my wife by accident. You ask her the story, and she says the same thing. 'We met by accident.'"

I just giggled at that. What a great story. Have you heard any great meeting stories recently? I love to ask people that question. You get some of the most outrageous answers. I guess you never know when or how it will happen. Maybe, by accident.

Love, Kk


  1. HA!! like my parents! redonculous!

  2. watch out, I met my hubby at BYU FHE group

  3. hahaha!!!! i want more people to write how they met...this is AMAZING.