Monday, October 25, 2010

Due Date


Today was my due date.  I really wanted to have had a baby by now, but no such luck.  The only thing I had on my calendar today was - HAVE A BABY!  Since this was not happening, I had no idea what to do with T Bear on a very stormy day in Seattle.  

Inspiration came after an episode of Disney's Handy Manny (a cartoon about tools).  We left the house and wandered around Lowe's.  It was heaven for T Bear, he loved looking at all the tools and hardware. Unfortunately I was not as knowledgeable about tools as he would have like to have been, but we survived.  

Then a sweet friend came over to hang out with me and distract me from the depressing fact that it was my due date with no baby.  She also helped me make a cute book sling for T Bear's room.  She was great company and I didn't spend my afternoon in tears.

Thank you KK for also checking in on me and letting me know you and your roommates are praying for me.  I need it right now because I am just a very grouchy pregnant woman right now.

Lots of love from an uncomfortable lady,
-Miss T

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  1. Somehow I never saw this post until right now...that book sling is awesome!! I want to learn how to do that.