Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another new Sister!!

Hey Miss T,

Here is the promised picture, with accompanying adorable story.


Do you see the genuine surprise, shock, and delight in this picture?!? Our brother Mr. T perfectly planned a proposal for Lady A which caught her entirely off guard--and believe you me she most certainly was trying to guess when this event would happen. After a lovely dinner, Mr. T arranged for one of his friends to act like a street photographer, just taking holiday photos of random people and giving them the chance to look them up online and buy them. Totally a believable situation if you ask me. So as they walked by this beautiful tree in downtown Boise, Trent suggested they take a picture. Of course they took the arm stretched out in front, keep your chins down so it doesn't look like you have two or three, and hope you get it centered picture. Then they conveniently saw the "street photographer" and began to pose for that--YES they had to wear the Santa hats. And you can see the rest in front of you. As the photographer went to take the picture, Mr. T dropped to one knee and Lady A was shocked! And thrilled I believe! I'll add that I'm thrilled as well, and I think you are too.

The best news about Lady A is that she watched White Christmas with us, and enjoyed it! Now that is a feat.

Love, Still singing "Gee! I wish I were back in the Arrrrmy!"

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