Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey Miss T!

Have you ever realized how catastrophic to daily habits and life it is to be internetless?!?

I meant to post yesterday because I have great news. You already know it. We are getting a new sister!! I will add the picture on Thursday, when the comcast people come to set up our internet.

Did you know they asked for my social security number when I signed up for internet? What on earth do they need that for? I was so curious I asked the man that was helping me. He became a little flustered. I don't know that he's ever been asked that before. But I didn't pursue an answer because Jose, who was helping me set up the internet which actually couldn't be set up but was scheduled to be set up on Thursday, was embarrassed that I asked.

Anyway, I hope you still post today...

Love internetless one...

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