Monday, January 10, 2011



A few months ago, we purchase a new table, which was much over due.  Our old table was from a garage sale, and it wobbled anytime you tried to cut on it.  This old round table was sufficient, but somewhat annoying.  

Big D really wanted a "nice" table, but our small apartment wouldn't allow for the kind he wanted.  So we settled on a reasonable table from IKEA.  As we drove home with our new rectangular table, T Bear became upset.  He didn't want a new table, he wanted his round table still.  Even the next morning, T Bear lamented about having his old round table back.

I called mom to talk about how surprise I was that T Bear actually cared about what table we ate on.  I didn't expect him to be bothered by this change.  Mom then told me, "Kids don't usually like change."  In fact, mom commented about how her adult children still to not like them to make changes, such as selling the childhood home.  I realized that I do not like it when my parents change things that I love.  T Bear loved our old round table because that was part of his normal routine.

Of course T Bear has adjusted to our new rectangle table just fine.  Now my newest concern is T Bear handling the change of us moving.  Even I am struggling.  It will be great to move into a house, but I love this little apartment.  This apartment isn't wonderful, it is sufficient, but somewhat annoying.  Even so, we have created so many sweet moments here.  This is were we fell in love with Seattle.  This is were I really started my role of motherhood.  This is where I have played with and love my boys.  I am tearing up right now.  Will I be able to handle this upcoming change?

The only thing consistent in life is change...... boo. (or exciting?  Can it be both?)

-Miss T


  1. the only kind of change i like is the jingly kind that you find in a jar in your room that is labeled "girls camp" or something like that. change is rough. And you and Big D really have done an amazing job creating memories in that little old apartment. It's not grandeur, but you have made it become HOME wish is the grandest thing ever. at least you have pictures?
    PS: I love the new pictures on top of the blog. you and Big D out-do yourselves really.

  2. I'm with T-Bear. I do not like change. Not one bit.