Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speaking of surprises

Hey Miss T

I'm super thrilled about your surprise gift for Big D. I'm proud that you are actually going to surprise him. He will love it. Good job you little secret keeper!

So, this may not be as dramatic or awesome or useful or thoughtful as the gift you're surprising Big D with, but I wanted to throw out an idea to you that you could surprise T-bear with one day. Do you remember something called Pudding Pops?

These are quite possibly the most delightful treat on the planet. Delicious, special, messy, cold, and best when they are a surprise! It's easy folks, just freeze pudding as a popsicle!

I have previously been in such a need for a pudding pop, that one time we just froze the little snack pack puddings that we had stuck nail files into as the handles (don't worry they were unused nail files!). See the above picture. Pudding Pops are just a great surprise and treat. For any age!

I recommend trying it out with T-bear. He will love it, and so will you! :D
Love Aunty Kk

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  1. oh i am so doing that!!!! but we will not be using nail files - ouch!!! enjoy!