Friday, January 14, 2011

How can I make more funny things happen?

Dear Miss T,

Before I headed to school this morning I read an article about a 70 year old oba-chan (grandma!) who was finishing her college degree that she had always wanted. She was such an endearing lady that she was asked to speak at their class graduation ceremony. As she approached the podium her nervous hands shook so violently that all of her notecards fell to the ground. As she looked at them, she realized the time it would take her to pick them up would far exceed the time she was allotted, so she made a joke about her whiskey intake since she had given up beer for lent and pressed on.

As she spoke, sort of by the seat of her pants, she gave four main pieces of advice which I enjoyed very much. Advice is one of those things that sometimes just hits you right in the right place. One in particular stuck out to me. She said: You have to laugh and find humor in every day. Wow. I love that advice, because I love to laugh and I love funny things.

As I left for the day I turned the knob on the door to lock it, and pulled it closed. Then I remembered the discussion I had had with my roommate the day before. As she was unlocking the dead bolt I mentioned/complained "I don't lock the deadbolt" implying of course that I also don't want anybody to lock the deadbolt, "because what if I forget my keys? If we lock the deadbolt, I cannot get in. But if we only lock the bottom part of the door, well Bert and T-z taught me how to get in with my banking card." My roommate's response was "That is exactly why I lock the deadbolt." So as I headed down the steps, Jiminy Cricket said to me "Oh just go lock that deadbolt, for your roommate's sake." So I flipped around and reached in my pocket. My hand slipped right to the bottom of my front right coat pocket. I reached into the left pocket. Nothing there but a Twix candy bar that I was saving for later. I patted the front pockets of my jeans--nothing. I shoved my hands down the back pockets of my jeans...NOTHING. Yikes. I pulled off my backpack, but before I even began to dig I remembered that my keys were not there. Whoops. Well, that wasn't such an awful situation really, because since I had only locked the door knob, shouldn't I be able to break in with my banking card?

I pulled out my old banking card--trusty little thing--and shoved it in the door crack like a grand thief would. When you use this method, supposedly you are supposed to push it in, twist the knob a little, and push! with a bit of umph and the door will just pop open. I pushed, I twisted a little, and I umphed! Nothing happened. Oh gall. Really? I can't even break into my own house when only the door knob is broken and that is why I only lock the door knob?

Then I remembered what I had read, about finding something to laugh about every day. I just laughed. I giggled, and looked around to see if anyone could see me. I giggled some more. How foolish I felt! And so I giggled all the way to school, and felt happy about having something to laugh about.

Then I wondered, How can I make more funny things happen each day? It's really a question I have. What do I need to do? See things in a lighter way? Do random spontaneous things and watch people's reactions? Hang out with hilarious people? Tell more jokes? Do you have any good ideas about how to have funny things happen every day? It seems to me that your life is pretty full of hilarity.

But really, I would like to know who to make more funny things happen. It's so fun.

Love you, Love giggling key-less KK

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  1. Too funny KK. I remember breaking into on of my college apartments with a credit card. it is hard to make funny things purposely happen . But trying to tell something that happened to you with a dramatic flare is always more entertaining. And honestly, if you can make some else smile with a compliment or a joke, then you will be happier as well.