Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anyone know who Jack Welch is?

Hey Miss T,

Have you ever heard of Jack Welch?

Hint 1: He has nothing to do with Welch's 100% grape juice, which is delicious.
Fact: He was a ridiculously successful CEO of GE. Let's leave it at that, though the details of going from a 13 billion dollar company to 400 billion dollar company might help you understand what I mean when I say "ridiculously successful."

I bring up this fellow not because I am interested in becoming a CEO and have thus been researching the endless wikipedia files about CEOs of our day, but because he was the topic of one of my classes today, and I heard something I feel is worth repeating. Jack Welch said, and this is a paraphrase that possibly could be a direct quote but I was writing really fast:

Change is vital. We must learn to relish change. We must see change as opportunity.

You can imagine how much I love this piece of advice, because I am usually what he would label as "resistant to change." I'm a little like T-bear wanting to keep that old wobbly round table of yours. :D Often it is hard to see around change for the value that it really contains.

As I watched this little video about all of the changes Jack Welch caused in his company, and all the changes he inspired through his employees who began to relish change, I found myself getting excited! I could see all the opportunities unfold as GE went from manufacturing microwaves to airplanes to owning NBC. Crazy! But exciting!

I know you have change in your life happening right now. A new location? Now that is a change indeed! I have change happening too. And what I have to say, is I'm seeking to try and see it as opportunity (and leave behind the little girl always loving the past...), and so far I can say I'm becoming excited. I hope you are too.

Any other exciting changes happening? Fill me in.

Love, Kk

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  1. Big D and I like this blog. We are trying to be excited about all of the change in our lives. I wish our upcoming change gave us 400 billion dollars!