Monday, January 3, 2011

A Highlight of Christmas

Hi KK,

I miss you already.  It was so good to spend a whole week with you in Boise.  Ahhh! When can we do it again?

There were many highlights to this Christmastime, but I thought I would share one humorous highlight for our "other" sisters.

Big D and I ended up driving to Boise on Christmas Day with Baby Cub.  Our family had kindly decided to delay Christmas a day so that we could see T Bear's face on Christmas morning.  During the drive, I called KK.  Since I knew she was dating the ever-so-thoughtful Mr. P., I thought I would ask her if she had gotten him a Christmas gift.  

KK then told me she had bought Mr. P. a CD of a concert they had gone to together.  After Mr. P. opened the CD, he immediately made KK open his gift to her.  He had bought the SAME CD for KK.  They both had the same cute thoughtful idea.  I laughed and giggled about how cute they were.  Big D said that they better return one of them because that would be more economical.  Still, it was pretty funny and cute.

Fast forward to our Christmas morning a day late.  Big D opened a gift from me that had the new Josh Groban CD included in it.  Minutes later, I opened a gift from Big D that had the same Josh Groban CD in it.  "NO WAY!" I exclaimed.  We all died laughing.  I could not believe we had done the same thing as KK and Mr. P.  We must be a cute couple too!

Of course, Big D is returning one of our CDs because that is the economical thing to do.

Anyway, good luck starting a new semester.  I am so happy that I got to hug you, do your hair, hang out, and talk with you last week.

Lots of love,
-Miss T


  1. Hahahahahaaa! SUCH a funny experience. And yes, you and Big D are a cute couple. I would go so far as to say adorable, but I'm pretty sure Big D would describe you as a hot couple.

  2. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I didn't know Big D (do you guys not use real names?) played the violin, which I think is great! Hope to catch up with you soon :)