Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear Miss T,

Remember that Shel Silverstein poem you used to recite called "Sick"? I'm thinking of it this early morning, because I'm sort of in the same boat as that little girl. I can list my symptoms, and I'm trying to figure out if I can go to school today.

My eyes are watery, my throat is sore--I've been awake since 2:34!
My throat is scratchy, my ears can't hear--I'm drinking tea, hey at least it's not beer.
My nostrils are chaffed, my nose runs lot's--My gargling has given me salty spots.
Now here is the part, oh please won't you say--Please won't you say, today is Saturday?

Well, it's not Saturday, and it looks as if I've found myself stuck with a nastier cold than I'd care to admit. The bad news is, me being sick just makes Miga sick, I know. But the good news is, I really am taking proactive measures to recover. Salt water rinses, hand washing, Zicam, praying, nose-blowing, cough drops, lemon tea, and I hope to also fit in a nap today. Gee whiz I'm already on the recovery road to health. I'll be out playing with Peggy Ann McKay before we know it!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions to alleviate symptoms of the common cold...particularly not being able to sleep.

with Love, sicky Kk
PS: Do you love my tea cup?

Did you think I was joking about the tea?!? Really...at least it's not beer. No worries, it's Lipton's herbal lemon tea. Thought it might soothe my throat...:D


  1. take some night-time cold medicine. it will help knock you out. i am so sorry - it is terrible to be sick at college. love you

  2. Go to any drug store and get "Melatonin". It's by the vitamins and supplements area. It's just a natural sleep supplement using the same chemicals your body creates to let you know it's time to sleep. It was a miracle worker for me in the MTC!

  3. KK, I might suggest wearing a different shirt...it's already making me sick as well!

  4. I'm sorry you're sick! I think you should live in Texas so that you can come be sick here with me. I just watched Guys & Dolls and ate crackers and popsicles... Oh how I wish you could be here with me!

  5. thank you everyone...i'm doing much better...vitamins, the melatonin, and some cold medicine did wonders. Big D, the shirt increased my health immensely.