Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Happiness


My mind has been blank for the last day.  Nothing interesting to write about or talk about.

So I am going to give myself 2 minutes to write down things that make me happy.  Hopefully this will give you a smile as well.

Chocolate, dancing, T Bear saying, "Mommy you're beautiful!", Baby Cub smiling back at me, my family, Big D, you, BBQ sauce, McCall, cute shoes, a fun vacation, hot chocolate, cute socks, hamburgers, sunflowers, a gorgeous sunset, playing on the beach, a nice long walk, fresh snow, good friends, the book of mormon, cuddling, kissing, reading a good book, finding cash in pockets, watching Psych, music, a hot date.

Really random, I know.  That's all I have today.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

-Miss T


  1. oh. this was perfect. a blank mind is never better filled than with things that make you happy. i love it.

  2. You would like kissing.

    I like this list. Glad to know T-Bear isn't mixing up the "Mommy you're beautiful" phrase I taught him. I was worried when he kept mixing up the word beautiful with disaster.. YIKES!