Monday, January 31, 2011

Haupia Pie.

Dear Miss T,

I had a taste of Hawaii yesterday. Did I ever tell you about Haupia pie? Does anyone else know Haupia pie!?!

It is delicious! It's a coconut and chocolate pie and it is to die for. Get this small world story.

There are two Hawaiians in my ward at church. One of them was serving a mission while I was serving in his home ward and I ate Thanksgiving dinner at his house! His family is awesome, and so is he. Figures. Well, those two wonderful Hawaiians invited me for Haupia pie and it was heavenly.

I wish I could share some with you.

Love, KK


  1. that looks so good!! I need some NOW!!! Where can I get that in Seattle?

  2. I was a witness to this great event and can testify that it was WONDERFUL!

  3. Since I am going to HAWAII tomorrow (!!!) can you get this heavenly dessert in restaurants or just homes?

  4. oh, heaven. i ate this delicious stuff when i lived in hawaii and i crave it every now and then. i need to find a recipe for that delicious goodness!