Monday, January 31, 2011

Haupia Pie.

Dear Miss T,

I had a taste of Hawaii yesterday. Did I ever tell you about Haupia pie? Does anyone else know Haupia pie!?!

It is delicious! It's a coconut and chocolate pie and it is to die for. Get this small world story.

There are two Hawaiians in my ward at church. One of them was serving a mission while I was serving in his home ward and I ate Thanksgiving dinner at his house! His family is awesome, and so is he. Figures. Well, those two wonderful Hawaiians invited me for Haupia pie and it was heavenly.

I wish I could share some with you.

Love, KK

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



This week is crazy trying to move.  So all I have to say is "GO COUGARS!" 

We watched BYU basketball beat San Diego State tonight.  Provo is a great place to be right now.  Enjoy it!

Let's hear some love for BYU.

I truly bleed blue.

-Miss T

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speaking of surprises

Hey Miss T

I'm super thrilled about your surprise gift for Big D. I'm proud that you are actually going to surprise him. He will love it. Good job you little secret keeper!

So, this may not be as dramatic or awesome or useful or thoughtful as the gift you're surprising Big D with, but I wanted to throw out an idea to you that you could surprise T-bear with one day. Do you remember something called Pudding Pops?

These are quite possibly the most delightful treat on the planet. Delicious, special, messy, cold, and best when they are a surprise! It's easy folks, just freeze pudding as a popsicle!

I have previously been in such a need for a pudding pop, that one time we just froze the little snack pack puddings that we had stuck nail files into as the handles (don't worry they were unused nail files!). See the above picture. Pudding Pops are just a great surprise and treat. For any age!

I recommend trying it out with T-bear. He will love it, and so will you! :D
Love Aunty Kk

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gift Giving

Hi KK,

Let's be honest.  We are surrounded by very thoughtful, sweet men in our lives.  Our Dad and brothers are very thoughtful in their gifts and actions.  And of course Big D is just like them. 

Being married to someone so thoughtful is wonderful.  He surprises me with great gifts and sweet notes.  I love getting a short and sweet email, telling me how much he loves me and hopes I have a great day. 

The only problem with being married to this kind of person is that I am not as sweet and thoughtful, especially when it comes to gift giving.

I have yet to buy Big D a creative or thoughtful or wonderful gift by complete surprise.  Let me be clear that this is not all my fault.  Big D happens to be VERY picky about EVERYTHING and that can be difficult.  Unless I am going to buy Diet Dr. Pepper, I usually ask him what he would prefer.  

Having said this, I think I have finally come up with the greatest gift ever.  In our relationship, I am in charge of Valentine's Day completely (why? that is a story for another day) and Big D does White Day (like I said, a story for another day).  I think I have a great gift for Valentine's Day that I know Big D will love.  The next problem: keeping it a SECRET!!!

This is when having an "open" marriage doesn't work so well.  We both have access to each other's email accounts, bank accounts, etc...  I am not sure how I am going to keep this top secret, but I must.  If I can pull this off, I will be the most amazing wife ever (at least in my world).  

So wish me luck, maybe I can whisper it to you over the phone someday soon.  But maybe not, because after Big D reads this he will probably bug my cell phone.

-Miss T

Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick! Write a Caption!

QUICK! Write a caption for this photo or the first thing that comes to your mind.  If this were a Hallmark card it would say....

There's a prize for the best one!  Good luck!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anyone know who Jack Welch is?

Hey Miss T,

Have you ever heard of Jack Welch?

Hint 1: He has nothing to do with Welch's 100% grape juice, which is delicious.
Fact: He was a ridiculously successful CEO of GE. Let's leave it at that, though the details of going from a 13 billion dollar company to 400 billion dollar company might help you understand what I mean when I say "ridiculously successful."

I bring up this fellow not because I am interested in becoming a CEO and have thus been researching the endless wikipedia files about CEOs of our day, but because he was the topic of one of my classes today, and I heard something I feel is worth repeating. Jack Welch said, and this is a paraphrase that possibly could be a direct quote but I was writing really fast:

Change is vital. We must learn to relish change. We must see change as opportunity.

You can imagine how much I love this piece of advice, because I am usually what he would label as "resistant to change." I'm a little like T-bear wanting to keep that old wobbly round table of yours. :D Often it is hard to see around change for the value that it really contains.

As I watched this little video about all of the changes Jack Welch caused in his company, and all the changes he inspired through his employees who began to relish change, I found myself getting excited! I could see all the opportunities unfold as GE went from manufacturing microwaves to airplanes to owning NBC. Crazy! But exciting!

I know you have change in your life happening right now. A new location? Now that is a change indeed! I have change happening too. And what I have to say, is I'm seeking to try and see it as opportunity (and leave behind the little girl always loving the past...), and so far I can say I'm becoming excited. I hope you are too.

Any other exciting changes happening? Fill me in.

Love, Kk

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Animal Addiction?


The other day I was watching the news and they talked about a new show on the Animal Planet channel.  It was a reality show about Animal Hoarders.  Across the screen it said:

Animal hoarding is a serious and growing problem.

It affect every community in the United States.

I laughed out loud.  I had never heard of animal hoarding!  Then they interviewed a "recovering animal hoarder."  This woman had over 80 dogs at one point.  They had a therapist there to explain that this woman need to prioritize humans above animals and find balance in her life between animal and human relationships.

Later, on Hulu, they had a commercial for an animal weight loss system.  Again, I laughed.  I thought what is going on today with people and their pets.

Finally, I saw the Octomom on Oprah.  She said she was addicted to having babies and was only trying to "self-medicate" by having more and more babies.

I thought, Wow, the media is weird today.  Then I realized that although animals and babies are not the common things to be addicted to, it is true that we need to find balance in our lives.  There are many things we can become addicted to, which will created unbalance, disharmony and stress in our lives.

Big D says I am addicted to my email, and I probably am.  I am going to try and relax and find more balance and peace in my life.  But you can bet I will never be addicted to animals or birthing babies!

-Miss T

Friday, January 14, 2011

How can I make more funny things happen?

Dear Miss T,

Before I headed to school this morning I read an article about a 70 year old oba-chan (grandma!) who was finishing her college degree that she had always wanted. She was such an endearing lady that she was asked to speak at their class graduation ceremony. As she approached the podium her nervous hands shook so violently that all of her notecards fell to the ground. As she looked at them, she realized the time it would take her to pick them up would far exceed the time she was allotted, so she made a joke about her whiskey intake since she had given up beer for lent and pressed on.

As she spoke, sort of by the seat of her pants, she gave four main pieces of advice which I enjoyed very much. Advice is one of those things that sometimes just hits you right in the right place. One in particular stuck out to me. She said: You have to laugh and find humor in every day. Wow. I love that advice, because I love to laugh and I love funny things.

As I left for the day I turned the knob on the door to lock it, and pulled it closed. Then I remembered the discussion I had had with my roommate the day before. As she was unlocking the dead bolt I mentioned/complained "I don't lock the deadbolt" implying of course that I also don't want anybody to lock the deadbolt, "because what if I forget my keys? If we lock the deadbolt, I cannot get in. But if we only lock the bottom part of the door, well Bert and T-z taught me how to get in with my banking card." My roommate's response was "That is exactly why I lock the deadbolt." So as I headed down the steps, Jiminy Cricket said to me "Oh just go lock that deadbolt, for your roommate's sake." So I flipped around and reached in my pocket. My hand slipped right to the bottom of my front right coat pocket. I reached into the left pocket. Nothing there but a Twix candy bar that I was saving for later. I patted the front pockets of my jeans--nothing. I shoved my hands down the back pockets of my jeans...NOTHING. Yikes. I pulled off my backpack, but before I even began to dig I remembered that my keys were not there. Whoops. Well, that wasn't such an awful situation really, because since I had only locked the door knob, shouldn't I be able to break in with my banking card?

I pulled out my old banking card--trusty little thing--and shoved it in the door crack like a grand thief would. When you use this method, supposedly you are supposed to push it in, twist the knob a little, and push! with a bit of umph and the door will just pop open. I pushed, I twisted a little, and I umphed! Nothing happened. Oh gall. Really? I can't even break into my own house when only the door knob is broken and that is why I only lock the door knob?

Then I remembered what I had read, about finding something to laugh about every day. I just laughed. I giggled, and looked around to see if anyone could see me. I giggled some more. How foolish I felt! And so I giggled all the way to school, and felt happy about having something to laugh about.

Then I wondered, How can I make more funny things happen each day? It's really a question I have. What do I need to do? See things in a lighter way? Do random spontaneous things and watch people's reactions? Hang out with hilarious people? Tell more jokes? Do you have any good ideas about how to have funny things happen every day? It seems to me that your life is pretty full of hilarity.

But really, I would like to know who to make more funny things happen. It's so fun.

Love you, Love giggling key-less KK

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Happiness


My mind has been blank for the last day.  Nothing interesting to write about or talk about.

So I am going to give myself 2 minutes to write down things that make me happy.  Hopefully this will give you a smile as well.

Chocolate, dancing, T Bear saying, "Mommy you're beautiful!", Baby Cub smiling back at me, my family, Big D, you, BBQ sauce, McCall, cute shoes, a fun vacation, hot chocolate, cute socks, hamburgers, sunflowers, a gorgeous sunset, playing on the beach, a nice long walk, fresh snow, good friends, the book of mormon, cuddling, kissing, reading a good book, finding cash in pockets, watching Psych, music, a hot date.

Really random, I know.  That's all I have today.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

-Miss T

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear Miss T,

Remember that Shel Silverstein poem you used to recite called "Sick"? I'm thinking of it this early morning, because I'm sort of in the same boat as that little girl. I can list my symptoms, and I'm trying to figure out if I can go to school today.

My eyes are watery, my throat is sore--I've been awake since 2:34!
My throat is scratchy, my ears can't hear--I'm drinking tea, hey at least it's not beer.
My nostrils are chaffed, my nose runs lot's--My gargling has given me salty spots.
Now here is the part, oh please won't you say--Please won't you say, today is Saturday?

Well, it's not Saturday, and it looks as if I've found myself stuck with a nastier cold than I'd care to admit. The bad news is, me being sick just makes Miga sick, I know. But the good news is, I really am taking proactive measures to recover. Salt water rinses, hand washing, Zicam, praying, nose-blowing, cough drops, lemon tea, and I hope to also fit in a nap today. Gee whiz I'm already on the recovery road to health. I'll be out playing with Peggy Ann McKay before we know it!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions to alleviate symptoms of the common cold...particularly not being able to sleep.

with Love, sicky Kk
PS: Do you love my tea cup?

Did you think I was joking about the tea?!? least it's not beer. No worries, it's Lipton's herbal lemon tea. Thought it might soothe my throat...:D

Monday, January 10, 2011



A few months ago, we purchase a new table, which was much over due.  Our old table was from a garage sale, and it wobbled anytime you tried to cut on it.  This old round table was sufficient, but somewhat annoying.  

Big D really wanted a "nice" table, but our small apartment wouldn't allow for the kind he wanted.  So we settled on a reasonable table from IKEA.  As we drove home with our new rectangular table, T Bear became upset.  He didn't want a new table, he wanted his round table still.  Even the next morning, T Bear lamented about having his old round table back.

I called mom to talk about how surprise I was that T Bear actually cared about what table we ate on.  I didn't expect him to be bothered by this change.  Mom then told me, "Kids don't usually like change."  In fact, mom commented about how her adult children still to not like them to make changes, such as selling the childhood home.  I realized that I do not like it when my parents change things that I love.  T Bear loved our old round table because that was part of his normal routine.

Of course T Bear has adjusted to our new rectangle table just fine.  Now my newest concern is T Bear handling the change of us moving.  Even I am struggling.  It will be great to move into a house, but I love this little apartment.  This apartment isn't wonderful, it is sufficient, but somewhat annoying.  Even so, we have created so many sweet moments here.  This is were we fell in love with Seattle.  This is were I really started my role of motherhood.  This is where I have played with and love my boys.  I am tearing up right now.  Will I be able to handle this upcoming change?

The only thing consistent in life is change...... boo. (or exciting?  Can it be both?)

-Miss T

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another new Sister!!

Hey Miss T,

Here is the promised picture, with accompanying adorable story.


Do you see the genuine surprise, shock, and delight in this picture?!? Our brother Mr. T perfectly planned a proposal for Lady A which caught her entirely off guard--and believe you me she most certainly was trying to guess when this event would happen. After a lovely dinner, Mr. T arranged for one of his friends to act like a street photographer, just taking holiday photos of random people and giving them the chance to look them up online and buy them. Totally a believable situation if you ask me. So as they walked by this beautiful tree in downtown Boise, Trent suggested they take a picture. Of course they took the arm stretched out in front, keep your chins down so it doesn't look like you have two or three, and hope you get it centered picture. Then they conveniently saw the "street photographer" and began to pose for that--YES they had to wear the Santa hats. And you can see the rest in front of you. As the photographer went to take the picture, Mr. T dropped to one knee and Lady A was shocked! And thrilled I believe! I'll add that I'm thrilled as well, and I think you are too.

The best news about Lady A is that she watched White Christmas with us, and enjoyed it! Now that is a feat.

Love, Still singing "Gee! I wish I were back in the Arrrrmy!"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Hi KK,

It is time to think about New Year's Resolutions.  Rarely to I actually successful make and keep a New Year's Resolution, but this year I am going to try.  Of course I always want to lose weight, be less judgmental, read more and blah, blah, blah.

This year I am going to.... FLOSS (more).   If I even floss once a month, that will be a HUGE improvement.  I know that is pathetic considering our Dad is a dentist, but it is what it is.

So wish me luck on my quest for better oral hygiene.  I need to keep my "million dollar" smile looking good.

Your flossing job in this video is inspirational.

Floss out-
Miss T


Hey Miss T!

Have you ever realized how catastrophic to daily habits and life it is to be internetless?!?

I meant to post yesterday because I have great news. You already know it. We are getting a new sister!! I will add the picture on Thursday, when the comcast people come to set up our internet.

Did you know they asked for my social security number when I signed up for internet? What on earth do they need that for? I was so curious I asked the man that was helping me. He became a little flustered. I don't know that he's ever been asked that before. But I didn't pursue an answer because Jose, who was helping me set up the internet which actually couldn't be set up but was scheduled to be set up on Thursday, was embarrassed that I asked.

Anyway, I hope you still post today...

Love internetless one...

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Highlight of Christmas

Hi KK,

I miss you already.  It was so good to spend a whole week with you in Boise.  Ahhh! When can we do it again?

There were many highlights to this Christmastime, but I thought I would share one humorous highlight for our "other" sisters.

Big D and I ended up driving to Boise on Christmas Day with Baby Cub.  Our family had kindly decided to delay Christmas a day so that we could see T Bear's face on Christmas morning.  During the drive, I called KK.  Since I knew she was dating the ever-so-thoughtful Mr. P., I thought I would ask her if she had gotten him a Christmas gift.  

KK then told me she had bought Mr. P. a CD of a concert they had gone to together.  After Mr. P. opened the CD, he immediately made KK open his gift to her.  He had bought the SAME CD for KK.  They both had the same cute thoughtful idea.  I laughed and giggled about how cute they were.  Big D said that they better return one of them because that would be more economical.  Still, it was pretty funny and cute.

Fast forward to our Christmas morning a day late.  Big D opened a gift from me that had the new Josh Groban CD included in it.  Minutes later, I opened a gift from Big D that had the same Josh Groban CD in it.  "NO WAY!" I exclaimed.  We all died laughing.  I could not believe we had done the same thing as KK and Mr. P.  We must be a cute couple too!

Of course, Big D is returning one of our CDs because that is the economical thing to do.

Anyway, good luck starting a new semester.  I am so happy that I got to hug you, do your hair, hang out, and talk with you last week.

Lots of love,
-Miss T